Common Imaginary Friends

“Kindheit Helden, Childhood Favorites, Compagnons d’Enfance, AzdiKah’i SaH ‘Hir”: is a Serie of Drawings that  started in 2013 by simply asking Friends or Folks what was their Hero, or favorite personnage regardless of it was a film, a cartoon, a book, a folktale, as long as they were coming from the world of media (classic or new).

So If everyone of us , or at least the ones i will ask to share with me this special experience or commitment to something imaginary but embodiement of a collective consciousness, just like Astérix par exemple et par Toutatis !!!!

That was for the Conceptual Part behind this very simple and cute serie of Drawings.

the way i decided to draw for this particular serie, the medium, the format, and also the “style”, A4, Oil Pastel, Nervous and Energic Gestures, place this body of work in a position, where gently the ensemble of Images together are trying to tell us, we are not here attempting a “kimokawai” revival of Pop Art , à la Basquiat.

it is More as i see it unfolding like a very particular possibility to become Atlas Mnemonic Atlas, just as Aby Warburg started to pin , and reflect on global, but layered functionality of rememberance inside a given community containing already few generations to itself.

Djonam Saltani, dimanche 20 Juillet 2014, Cologne, Allemagne.

Goldorak ( Grendizer)Bud Spencer ( Patrick's Childhood Friend after long hesitation between a whole lots of them) Speedy Gonzales in Motion Full Speed ( Arriba tambien el deseo de Marco) Inspecteur Gadget (Unachieved, Memories are blurred, Someone's Wish out there) Barrakus A.K.A MR. T ( "your Wish is my command" Epic Figure indeed, at the demand of Lisa Sieber) He-Man riding Battle Cat (Unknown..definitly requested by a Boy) Der Klein Maulwürf ( if my memories didnt fail me, i Guess it was Nina Jentsch Wish) Dark Wing Duck ( Unremembered wish,maybe Bash..Mistery??!!) Tarzan ( also wished by Hölger) Ostérix and Abélix (as requested by Hölger Fröhling) Snow StormTrooper  (as requested by Antonio) The Dinos (as requested by Merlin)

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