Common Imaginary Friends 2.0

Wether we like it or not, as soon as we leave the Familial Cocoon for Kindergarten, and what will follow, we  open ourselves, and so for the rest of our lives, to what Society and the rest of us have to offer in terms “of hooking us up with something we never felt the use or need for, but once we tasted, it becomes really hard to Go on Without……”.

“Kindheits Helden, Childhood Favorites, Compagnons d’Enfance, أصدقاء حقيقيين

 is a Serie of Drawings that  started in 2013 by simply asking People,Folks what were their Hero or Imaginary childhood friends

          the point was that any favorite character should have in common  that they were issue from a film, a cartoon, a book, a folktale,a song,or an historical event….                                                  as long as they were coming to life through media (classic or new),it was satisfying.

The idea that i had to never to show, sell or talk about it until the last of page of my drawing block  was reach.until the End of the BOOK/ Shelter to the « heroes » portraits had been drawn onto.    Giving redemption, and ending the residency terms  of those “Braves Companions”.

At one point, in order, to go a bit faster, because as much as i love to draw those Imaginary friends, i wanted to push the project forward so one week end, I asked a lot of people which was their Childhood Hero and just i wrote their name down on every page(of the heroes not the people i asked ..we dont need another people…

.we need heroes at the limit of genie and wahnsinnig…..),so that i could draw them all in one go … facto…. so as to maximize productivity

….up till today, i still didn’t bring this series to an end…..but it made me think about the outcome of such a work and

i thought interesting to expose this here because it  brings rather discursive points of debate .

A lot of those Influences i mentioned in the beginning, inhabited our consciousness  when we were children  taking the form of Easy going personnages like bugs bunny whats up doc and on the opposite some more tortured Characters.

But all of them  joined us in our numerous adventures, entertained us, brought us to Laughter or Decisive Lessons of Bravery, Kindness or Morality…and also comforted us,when we  witnessed that the World could go so wrong.

But was all this care and attention purely free of charges… we can see sometimes our idols stand also in order to make us swallow and digest with a spoon of sugar the taste of our common destinies therefore aren’t  we  molded and shaped from an early age to accept , the means and ways of Adult’s World.

But let s not fall down in depression and claim the lost innocence of children paradise…everybody knows kids are pervert…..the main difference and the point that interest us here is that

When you are a Kid, the border between Fantasy and Real World can be so thin

that you sometimes  need the knowledge of an elder, to explain you that Gremlins won’t bite you at Night when you’re Sleeping (cause they don’t exist); That Jedi Tricks are fictitious,

even so LightSabers remain imaginary as one of many universe paradoxes,  in the world, we can find   so very talented,dedicated and hard working people..that some are able to  perform spiritual or physical actions equalling the level of an  Obiwan Kenobi

……without becoming looked at as if compeletly disconnected……….a child can still evolve in this world, evoking several times a day ….the world of fairies, little people, and Fireballs sprouting of Palms and fists

but everything s a Cycle

……and .Having digesting easily or with difficulty the dogmas of Reality,responsibility, growing up,the  connection gets stronger Until we are hit by tha Real Thing

until its Elders or sometimes the entourage  makes you or  him or her understand this age is revolved and there are now others things to be interested in.

but this is common knowledge, common sense, we all went through that…what i would like to raise …is this lil bug

what brings a child to show at an early point in its life .more interest for Shoes, Cars, and different leagues of Soccer, and other for Robots and Monsters that can be stacked in Balls.

and sometimes both

Well,at least for those born in the last decades of last Centuries in which the growing influence of T.V and Films did scar our sensitive Brains and left them marked  for the better and the worst.

 if i can here illustrate this experience…….I would like to exemplify and talk about my own personal story…..just sharing, just therapy here …..I was definitely more the Nerd type….always fascinated with escapism and not massive rejoicement like the hand of god we just watched..and i was also born a bit earlier , which made me old enough to avoid counting those stupid Pokemons as my Mentors…….

No………..In my Case,It was Prince

Prince….Prince Actarus . Sorry.

His Presence impacted what will become of my World perception.

When i first saw him, projected away from an auto-guided pod through the Hatch of a high-tech Tunnel, Screaming in Mid Air “Metamorphose”, and ending up its Flight, in the cockpit of a  Giant

I mean a Giant Flying Saucer Sheltering the Best Combat Robot of the Galaxy,

…the many Underground Secret Routes of Doctor Procyon Base, the Golgoth Flying Saucer Shell powerful engines, theDozens of Barbaric but awesome sounding Names of the different weapons, it could use…… .It’s First shock Kokoum Kokoum……

…offering to my hungry eyes..

My favorite scene so simple but revered by all fans…. pressing a button and pulling a  Lever, , a sectional view of its Pilot Sit, rotating, sliding through the Spaceship to transfer itself at the Command of the Giant, directly inside its Head

.and all of this for the sake of the Blue Planet…..Our Earth………WOW…….scarred for life

 This Passionate Alien Chivalry and its  love for the Earth,

But what was it in the end ? what hooked me up ? the colors, the action?

What made my whole spongious and marvelled Child Soul tick, what was allowing me to fly so high, pumped hearted, ready to fire… Make believe.…..

Later, I became aware that all of this Media called Anime, that me and other children consumed at the time, was the product of a culture from a Land at the Antipodes of my Geographical pinpoint,

which itself in order to boost its creative market, synthesized itsGraphical Knowledge with a Vast part of Our Western Folklore

.Simple Marketting Strategy or…Unconscious Therapheutic Process engendered by the  Collective Hiroshima Post-Shock-Trauma   , or else…. let’s not go further or it might help to fill some gaps, or repair some flaws in the Fabric of our very own Psycho-Social Reality.

From the variety of Personnages that friends or Acquaintances named to me as their Childhood Hero,  at least someone real or not that inspired them at a younger age….but only a few surprised me…. all of a sudden ….. stepping out of the Cathode Ray Tube Continuum.. like this one person who assured me he had none apart from his mother or his brother…

Lesser originals but none less interesting were some from Old school Comic Books, or Pulp Literature which at one moment or the other, end up to be adapted to the Screen…….Asterix and Obelix, next to Tarzan seem not to have a hard time paving their way, next to galactic Giants like Goldorak, or Enthusiastic Speedy Gonzales.Furthermore, with Mastodonte like Bud Spencer , often acting in some Western Old flavored Movie… had the Slapstick Grip  appreciated by our contemporaries , a good rumble lining up eventually with Chaplin’s tradition, only to be polite……..In reality, Bud Spencer and Mr.T catapult us ahead in a more direct manner deep at the core of World Wrestling Entertainment Boom of the 90’s , so dear to Roland Barthes which flame disappeared before he could even witness the Crowning of Hulk Hogan’s Career.

 Our Idols have travelled long distances, and stand now very Far, far away from Antique Archetypes such as Enkidu  or Antar.

Can the same qualities be found, within the heroes who forged our identities, in the past century………than in those who helped forged our Great great great relatives. Does it really matter to know if an Inspector Gadget, or a Marsupilami, can rival with such a Complex case Oedipus or with an Eternal Wanderer Odysseus …….Has not Georges Lucas, before ending inGargantuesque Porn of Franchise and Merchandising………trying to bridge our Era with its dawn…..while showing us the new masks of the Hero with thousand faces….if any of these has a certain importance for our psychological and spiritual development, shouldn’t we be careful towards which stories we will let us affected by …….

Speedy Gonzales ( el deseo de Marco)


                And it is with a lil’ Pinch in the Heart, that i had to admit that my dialogue with my Generation had Turned me into a Television Show Columnist, or a Mainstream movie Commentator, even though i will enjoy painting Indiana Jones,  if my Friend Yannick who works as a prosthetics technician, tells me it was his favorite.

And  with this same lil’ Pinch, that I secretly regret that Nobody decides to resurrect the Boldness of a  Captain Ahab, or the Inexhaustible Ingenuity and Luck of  a Sinbad the Sailor.

But Seriously what was I expecting, asking acquaintances, in a club or an After Hour to please tell me, what were their Childhood Heroes ,so that i could draw them with Oil pastels on a Block of papers, i happened to carry around in my backpack…………..welcoming any of the answers with a lot of joy, for the only reason…that i was the one here, that really give a damn about Cartoons, and tried to fix my addiction of Imaginary Friends saving the World at our place.

It was at this moment that I simply woke up to the fact that I was surely the One who didn’t formulate the question properly…………

WhaT THE Hell ????    

At any moment the question of Who did inspired your younger self had for goal to start a collection of Walt disney Characters and others Noisy Figures from our  lowest and most common form of Culture……….and if it had to, at its best , this idea could have been understood as POP… but this project is not even Pop, it s too sensitive for that.The tools used, are too Unprecise, and Rough…..the expressivity of every portraits too wild and grotesque, the lines messy and grunge….unable to take place next to  Cold, Rigid, and yet Flashy and Sensual codes of AMERICAN Esthetics when it comes down to promote, and invade the Houses and the Brains of every potential Customers…..wether they be Black,WHite,Yellow,BLUE,Color o the Rainbow……..Who the fuck was Gilgamesh, anyway?   Give me some more of this Wolverine there!!!!!!!!  This Project had the pretension to point at the Weaknesses of the Soul.

but in Truth, it was just pure Fun, to trash those Heros and give them backbones and Marrow !!!!

this Experience was meant to conduct a experiment about a group of people not necessarily related to one another but roughly close to each other in the culture, in order to understand better what could be our collective bond, decrypting or rewriting a story of our Social behaviors, the harmony of our psyche, the possible connections between what we shared as Experience through Media and how it shaped us…… the hope of creating bridges between Ancient knowledge, Networking Technologies, ormapping a plausible Matrice of our new Deities the ones we were bound to confront at a Key Moment in our Lives, in order to Shed Skins and Break through Superior level of Awareness.

Djonam Saltani, dimanche 20 Juillet 2014/lundi 29 Décembre 2014, Cologne, Allemagne.

Goldorak ( Grendizer)

Bud Spencer ( Patrick's Childhood Friend after long hesitation between a whole lots of them) Bud Spencer (on Patrick's Neumann Wish) Speedy Gonzales in Motion Full Speed ( Arriba tambien el deseo de Marco) Inspecteur Gadget (Unachieved, Memories are blurred, Someone's Wish out there) Barrakus A.K.A MR. T ( "your Wish is my command" Epic Figure indeed, at the demand of Lisa Sieber) He-Man riding Battle Cat (Unknown..definitly requested by a Boy) Der Klein Maulwürf ( if my memories didnt fail me, i Guess it was Nina Jentsch Wish) Dark Wing Duck ( Unremembered wish,maybe Bash..Mistery??!!) Tarzan ( also wished by Hölger) Ostérix and Abélix (as requested by Hölger Fröhling) Snow StormTrooper  (as requested by Antonio) The Dinos (as requested by Merlin)  Grendizer

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