Ultimate Fantasy Land (Odds to Prelude)


Children go out and Play in the Park” with Tristan de bartolo and Nina Souquet, one fine summer afternoon at the Sous Station Lebon, Cöte d’Azur, french Rivera


As Requested, so as to Finish with the Judgement of the last Idols we weren’t able to Kill and Destroy, let’s just draw the Monster line Here and agree that this was the First Attempt to Materialise a most expected by us, Display of a Proto-Archipelago-type


…Gathering all the elements modelled in 2005 , in order to confront :


Imaginary with Common Places



the  Narrative qualities of what will be given the “Nerdy” and yet “Geeky”  title of  “Ultimate Fantasy Land”, as an ensemble (body of work) that will in the future, always take care of prolonging its expansions , encompass and assimilate each of its upcoming “places” or “topos” therefore redrawing and enriching the borders of its Original Map



As Usual, the Paradox will be opposing, this time :   the resulting  shattered autonomy of its “particles” with the reality of Space freed from the “SChool Comfort Zone” but yet, stepping into the Unraveled Serious Nature of Present and its Constant Vacuum, of 4 dimensionality, Social Pressure and Acceptance Tectonites Dynamics.



Each Ceramic desperatly tend to draw a path that links a world to another one, even if the rigid litterate tendencie  of “Contemporary”Gaze always seems to place them in the balance and doubt  the properties of an object to perform its auto-evaluation  as an Independant Force able to attract, repulse or question its next Meaning Donor, thus commonly refered as most valued Scared Spectator, or  Scariest Public Ever.



If The Sleep of reason produces Monsters, then Fear of its Oneself as Undividiluvial Entity gives with equal chances ; Heads : Wings to the Temple Profaner   Tails: its long time flipside-Kick the Whistling Escapist.




As Extrem and Evil , The shredding flight of the Harfang through the Winter Sky  , will brings Shivers down to the Marrow of every Sleeping Mouses and Rats.

Breaking- Point where collides Survival Instincts and Nightmares .



It was not long before the Ship of Fools was strucked by an Incisive Breach in its pointy consciousness, forth the  Awakening of every Rodent, to the Secrets of Poetry.


104 101

That Day as the late Sun Grazed what was left of its Course, an All Specie started to nibble the very fabric of  Realities and its unique Optical De-Factos.



073 071

One Way or the Other, it was a Remarkable, Fine, and Enjoyable Summer

069 068

with Tristan DeBartolo and the rest of the Crew,  memorable year of  2005 when the tables had all turn , at the Ämazing  Sous Station Lebon, in the city of Nizza, Cöte D’Azur, French Usurière de la Bella Rivera.


055 056 053 050 049



046 045 043 039

Mise en Texte delivered under Authority by the C.I.A.



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